Sustainable Consumption Conference 2011

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Here you find various reports on the international scientific conference "Sustainable Consumption – Towards Action and Impact" (November 6th - 8th 2011, Hamburg).


Conference Report, Final Version
This report aims at making accessible some of the discussions of the conference. It is not so much a summary as it is an attempt to build overarching arguments to which the single conference presentations can be regarded as contributions. It was written by the science journalist Ralf Grötker, using a technique called argument mapping, on behalf of the accompanying research project to the focal topic "From Knowledge to Action – New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption" of the Social-ecological Research Programme (SÖF).
An earlier version of the report was made available to the conference participants in January 2012, and participants were encouraged to send comments. These are, as far as possible, integrated into the maps presented in the final version of the report.

Report with guided tour through the maps (PDF)
Maps (appendix to the report) (PDF)
Interactive online version of the report and the maps


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