Sustainable Consumption Conference 2011


The conference took place at the Curio-Haus in Hamburg - European Green Capital 2011.


The Curio-Haus, constructed in the year 1911, is one of the most famous venues in Hamburg, located in Rotherbaum, a beautiful quarter in Hamburg. Originally a meeting point for the artist scene, the Curio-Haus  was first used as a cafeteria after World War II, and then became an event location. Some fourty years later (in September 2004), the Curio-Haus was inherited by Kofler & Kompanie. KOFLER & Kompanie rightly characterize the Curio-Haus as follows: "It features a perfect symbiosis between a historical monument and an unique venue which is now to be presented afresh to its guests in its original valence".  

© SuCo11, Hamburg (Photographer Christian Augustin) 


Rothenbaumchaussee 11
D-20148 Hamburg

Contact information

SÖF-Konsum-BF, Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity

University of Basel
Program Man-Society-Environment (MGU)
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel